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Publisher: Dark Horse · Released May 1992

Animal Confidential(1992), Issue #1

Animal Confidential (1992), Issue #1
According to indicia information, Animal Confidential is a copyright of Jerry Prosser. Individual stories are copyright the individual creators, with the exception of "The Spy" which is owned by Dark Horse Comics, Inc.
Publishing Format
Comic, One-Shot, Newsprint
Comic Story
Pat Brosseau - Letters, Randy Stradley - Script, Eric Vincent - Pencils, Eric Vincent - Inks
Comic Story
Rick Geary - Script, Rick Geary - Pencils, Rick Geary - Inks, Rick Geary - Letters
Comic Story
Mark Martin - Letters, Mark Martin - Script, Mark Martin - Inks, Mark Martin - Pencils
Arthur Adams - Inks, Chris Chalenor - Colors, Arthur Adams - Pencils
Comic Story
Nina Paley - Pencils, Nina Paley - Script, Nina Paley - Inks, Nina Paley - Letters
Comic Story
Rick Geary - Pencils, Rick Geary - Inks, Rick Geary - Script, Rick Geary - Letters