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Publisher: DC · Released [December 1, 1937]

Action Comics [ashcan](1937), Issue #1

Action Comics [ashcan] (1937), Issue #1
Ashcan edition. Printed up only to secure trademark of a title with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Per the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office, Volume 492, July 1938 (July 19), on page 500, this title was submitted to Trademark Office on January 28, 1938. The logo printed in the Gazette was that on this ashcan edition, which is nearly the same as the one later used for Action Comics (DC, 1938 series) #1 (dated June 1938, but on sale April 18, 1938). There are slight differences between the two, especially the use of color and the detail in the word 'Comics'. Trademark serial number: 402,431. Merwil Publishing Co. Inc., New York, New York-listed as publisher per Trademark Office. The trademark submission identifies that Action Comics was intended for magazine publication. Submission claims the title was in use since December 1, 1937. Updated contents from Leonardo de Sa.
Publishing Format
Comic, ashcan, white thick stock paper cover; newsprint interior
Creig Flessel - Pencils, Creig Flessel - Inks
Comic Story
Creig Flessel - Script, Creig Flessel - Pencils, Creig Flessel - Inks
Comic Story
Joe Shuster - Inks, Jerry Siegel - Script, Joe Shuster - Pencils