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Publisher: DC · Released 2000

Adventures with the DC Super Heroes(2000)

Giveaway that was a part of the "Got Milk" campaign by the National Fluid Milk Processor Promotional Board. Mixture of comics, puzzles, and games. To be given away with the purchase of two gallons of milk. Two additional sheets (4 pages, included in page count) include a 1/2 size front cover with a back page of coupons, over the actual cover of the issue. This extra cover notes "$3.95 value."
Publishing Format
Comic, Giveaway, Glossy cover; Mando interior
Comic Story
Digital Chameleon - Colors, Joe Staton - Pencils, Rob Boyd - Inks, Chris Duffy - Script
Tom McWeeney - Inks, Digital Chameleon - Colors, Brainchild Studio - Letters, Tom McWeeney - Pencils
Comic Story
Bruce Timm - Pencils, Janet Heatherington - Script, Bruce Timm - Inks, Kim Lockhart - Script, Digital Chameleon - Colors
Comic Story
John Delaney - Pencils, Chris Duffy - Script, Digital Chameleon - Colors, John Delaney - Inks
Comic Story
Scott Peterson - Script, Digital Chameleon - Colors, Ron Boyd - Inks, Craig Rousseau - Pencils