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Publisher: DC · Released October-November 1978

Army at War(1978), Issue #1

Army at War (1978), Issue #1
Although a note on the last page of the final story and the editors note on the following page both state that issue number two would be on sale in two months, no subsequent issue was published as Army at War was one of the titles cancelled when DC's parent company forced a sudden significant reduction in the number of titles DC published, an event known as the DC Implosion. On-sale date from Comic Reader #158.
Publishing Format
Comic, was intended to be ongoing, glossy cover; newsprint interior
Comic Story
Bob Le Rose - Colors, David Michelinie - Script, Albert De Guzman - Letters, Jerry Bingham - Pencils, John Celardo - Inks
Comic Story
Bob Le Rose - Colors, Frank Redondo - Inks, Frank Redondo - Pencils, Bob Groll - Script
Comic Story
Bob Le Rose - Colors, Dick Ayers - Pencils, Milt Snapinn - Letters, Steve Utley - Script, John Celardo - Inks
Comic Story
Todd Klein - Letters, Romeo Tanghal - Pencils, Bob Le Rose - Colors, Bill Kelley - Script
Comic Story
Rubeny - Pencils, Rubeny - Inks, Scott Edelman - Script, Bob Le Rose - Colors, Esphid M. - Letters
Joe Kubert - Inks, Gaspar Saladino - Letters, Joe Kubert - Pencils, Joe Letterese - Letters, Tatjana Wood - Colors