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Publisher: DC · Released July 2021

Wonder Woman Black & Gold(2021), Issue #2

Wonder Woman Black & Gold (2021), Issue #2
stories by MARIKO TAMAKI, CHE GRAYSON, TILLIE WALDEN, STEPHANIE WILLIAMS, AND RACHEL SMYTHE art by JAMIE MCKELVIE, CORIN HOWELL, TILLIE WALDEN, ASHLEY A. WOODS, AND RACHEL SMYTHE This new, visually stunning, and all-star-packed celebration of Wonder Woman continues! Some of comics’ greatest storytellers present five beautifully bombastic tales that take Diana all over the DC Universe. First stop…the very depths of hell! Both friend and foe come along for the ride of a lifetime with guest appearances by Steve Trevor, Nubia, and the First Born. The issue concludes with a journey to a place never seen before—Wonder Woman’s dreams—as the celebration of her 80th anniversary continues!
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