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Publisher: EC · Released February-March 1954

Panic(1954 - 1955), Issue #1

Panic (1954 - 1955), Issue #1
Copyrighted 1953. First issue. Banned in Massachusetts due to parody of "The Night Before Christmas". On December 18, 1953, under orders of the Massachusetts Governor's Council, state Attorney General George Fingold directed the state police to stop the distribution of Panic #1 and remove all copies from newsstands in greater Boston, which they did by December 21st. (Reported in the New York Times, 12/28/1953.)
Publishing Format
Comic, was ongoing series, glossy cover; newsprint interior
Albert B. Feldstein - Pencils, Albert B. Feldstein - Inks, Marie Severin - Colors
Comic Story
Albert B. Feldstein - Script, Jack Davis - Inks, Marie Severin - Colors, Jim Wroten - Letters, Jack Davis - Pencils
Comic Story
Jim Wroten - Letters, Marie Severin - Colors, Jack Kamen - Pencils, Jack Kamen - Inks, Albert B. Feldstein - Script
Comic Story
Jim Wroten - Letters, Marie Severin - Colors, Albert B. Feldstein - Script, Joe Orlando - Inks, Joe Orlando - Pencils
Comic Story
Jim Wroten - Letters, Bill Elder - Inks, Marie Severin - Colors, Bill Elder - Pencils