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Publisher: IDW · Released May 2016

Rom / Action Man Prologue [Free Comic Book Day](2016), Issue #0

Rom / Action Man Prologue [Free Comic Book Day] (2016), Issue #0
This book has two indicias, one on the inside front cover, and one on the inside back cover. The first indicia says the title is "Rom", and the issue number is 0. The second indicia says the title is "Action Man Prologue" and has no issue number. The front cover has the cover title "Free Comic Book Day: Rom". The back cover, which is fully dressed and can also be displayed (but is not a flip cover), has the cover title "Action Man" or "Exclusive Prologue: Action Man", depending on how you parse it.
Publishing Format
Comic, One-Shot, Glossy
Nelson Dániel - Colors, Zach Howard - Pencils, Zach Howard - Inks
Chris Evenhuis - Inks, Chris Evenhuis - Colors, Chris Evenhuis - Pencils
Comic Story
David Messina - Pencils, David Messina - Colors, David Messina - Inks, Christos Gage - Script, Michele Pasta - Inks, Shawn Lee - Letters, Chris Ryall - Script
Comic Story
John-Paul Bove - Colors, Chris Evenhuis - Inks, Shawn Lee - Letters, Carlos Guzman - Editing, John Barber - Script, Chris Evenhuis - Pencils