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Publisher: Kitchen Sink Press · Released June 1987

Xenozoic Tales(1987 - 1996), Issue #3

Xenozoic Tales (1987 - 1996), Issue #3
The on-sale date is the publication date reported on the copyright registration. Second printing exists from January 1989, but cover image is identical to 1st printing (only changes are in indicia).
Publishing Format
Comic, Was ongoing Series, White paper interior; glossy cover
Comic Story
Mark Schultz - Pencils, Mark Schultz - Inks, Denise Prowell - Letters, Mark Schultz - Script
Mark Schultz - Inks, Ray Fehrenbach - Colors, Mark Schultz - Pencils
Comic Story
Denise Prowell - Letters, Mark Schultz - Script, Steve Stiles - Inks, Steve Stiles - Pencils