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A 2005 reprint edition that originally came packaged with Toy Biz Marvel Legends Masterworks series 1 - The Battle For Gwen Stacy. Re-uses the Alex Ross painted cover from Marvels #0 (1994) from which the action figure set "Famous Covers Come To Life" drew its inspirational design. Also, the original cover to #121 is reproduced on the first page with a black border around it. Full color reprint. Note: This reprint is dated 2005 in the indicia and contains new advertising and other changes so that it cannot be easily confused with the original comic. The cover bears the words "not for resale". Other comics in the series: Fantastic Four #1 [Marvel Masterworks Figure Reprint] Fantastic Four #243 [Marvel Masterworks Figure Reprint] Marvel Feature #11 [Marvel Masterworks Figure Reprint]
Publishing Format
Comic, one-shot, newsprint
John Romita - Pencils, Alex Ross - Inks, Alex Ross - Colors
Comic Story
Roy Thomas - Editing, Tony Mortellaro - Inks, Artie Simek - Letters, Gerry Conway - Script, John Romita - Inks, Gil Kane - Pencils