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Publisher: Pines · Released [December] 1944

America's Biggest Comics Book(1944), Issue #1

America's Biggest Comics Book (1944), Issue #1
Indicia says: Copyright, 1944, by Best Syndicated Features. Copyright information could not be found in the Library of Congress online archive for this issue. However, one cover was seen with a written date of October 27th, while another was seen with a stamp date of November 3rd 1944. Therefore, this issue was likely copyrighted in mid to late October 1944. Comics by this publisher with October copyright dates would usually be labeled with a December cover date.
Publishing Format
Comic, One-Shot, Newsprint
Comic Story
Charles A. Winter - Pencils, Charles A. Winter - Inks
Comic Story
Charles A. Winter - Inks, Charles A. Winter - Pencils
Comic Story
Al Camy - Inks, Al Camy - Pencils