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Publisher: U.S.A. Comics · Released [Summer] 1983

Comics Review(1984), Issue #1

Comics Review (1984), Issue #1
This issue is undated, but has a 1983 copyright. The next issue has a bi-monthly frequency and an advertising deadline of September 15, 1983.
Publishing Format
Comic, Was Ongoing Series, Newsprint
Comic Story
Johnny Hart - Inks, Johnny Hart - Pencils, Johnny Hart - Script
Comic Story
Berke Breathed - Inks, Berke Breathed - Pencils, Berke Breathed - Script
Comic Story
Brant Parker - Pencils, Johnny Hart - Script, Brant Parker - Inks
Comic Story
Bob Thaves - Pencils, Bob Thaves - Inks, Bob Thaves - Script
Comic Story
Tom K. Ryan - Inks, Tom K. Ryan - Script, Tom K. Ryan - Pencils
Comic Story
Charles Schulz - Inks, Charles Schulz - Script, Charles Schulz - Pencils
Comic Story
Jim Davis - Inks, Jim Davis - Script, Jim Davis - Pencils
Berke Breathed - Inks, Berke Breathed - Pencils
Comic Story
Art Sansom - Script, Art Sansom - Pencils, Art Sansom - Inks